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Here is a photo of an old postcard depicting the Transylvania County Courthouse in Brevard, NC. I lived most of my earliest years in Brevard or nearby.

My brother Eugene was born July 4, 1944. I was 21 months old, not even two. My earliest memory dates from before this brother’s birth. We lived in an apartment off Turnpike Road in Brevard. Mrs. Seay was the landlady. (I probably learned that a little later.) In the 1980s I went to an apartment with a friend who owned some rental properties in Brevard. I remembered having lived in that neighborhood and after looking around a bit I recognized that apartment. It was still there, with steps leading up the side just like I remembered. We had lived there a few years. I was probably five when we left.

This earliest memory is vivid. My mother was eating peanut butter out of the jar while sitting on a log in front of a high wire fence enclosing some chickens. I remember that she asked me if I would like to have a baby brother or sister. At that time, of course, you didn’t know what you were getting. I don’t remember how I answered her. But I do remember later the baby, lying in his crib. I thought he was very fine. I remember giving him my “cracker bug,” a small metal toy, placing it in his crib. Mama took it out soon and told me it was dangerous for a baby to play with. And it was. It had sharp edges and would be outlawed now for a child of any age.

I remember after that, walking with Mama from where we lived on Jordan Street to my cousin Sue McCall Metcalf’s little house on Maple Street. Part of our route was on a trail through a wooded area. I wish I could remember where that wooded area was, but I can not. I remember the flowers I found. Mama called them Johnny jump ups, but they were either sea oats or something similar. I also remember at Sue’s they found the prettiest green snake you ever saw.

Another memory from that time is when another cousin, Hazel Moses, was in Brevard. I am not sure why she was there as she lived at Lake Toxaway as far as I know. Mama took me and we visited Hazel at a big brick house in Brevard. They took my dress off me and put me in Hazel’s son’s (Bradley’s) sailor outfit and took my picture. I did not like it at all. Why did they do such a crazy thing?  I have no idea. Mama and Hazel were both pretty young. Maybe they were just doing something stupid. This episode probably sounds like a child’s overactive imagination at work; however, I have the photograph to prove this story. I will find it and post it later.

Back then we walked everywhere we went. Daddy did not have a car. He walked to work at the hosiery mill in town where he was the machinist.

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Pretty White Ibis

In Florida, where I am now, there are lots of birds. I enjoy hearing their beautiful singing, especially in the mornings. The larger birds in the picture do not sing however. They will make some sort of call, butImage I have never heard it. These birds travel in flocks and alight to eat worms, bugs, etc. Their bills are five to six inches long. It is a treat to watch them. The ground here is 100 percent sand and quite easy for them to dig in. There are a few colored ibis, brown mottled colored, but most are white.

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This is a picture of Toxaway Falls Stand, just adjacent to Toxaway Falls at Lake Toxaway, NC. This little business was started in 1947 by Vincent Owen, my husband Jack Owen’s father. Jack runs the store now, with help from yours truly.

In it you will find all kinds of things, from boiled peanuts and soft drinks, to coon tailed hats. These hats are very popular Davy Crockett style headgear. The hat is fake fur, but the tail is the real thing. They sell for around $8.00. We have Amish chairs, birdhouses, jams, jellies, pickles, eggs, butter, honey, and etc., etc., etc. Don’t miss this fun place. Lord willing, we will be open late April or early May.

We also offer quality giclee prints of my paintings, as well as inexpensive lithographs. We will have for sale a new item this spring – a vocal CD of old fashioned hymns I have been working on for some time. If you like this kind of music I think you will enjoy it. It is called: How Sweet The Sound, Sacred Songs From Long Ago.

My novella of historical fiction entitled Humpy Jack Fisher and the Toxaway Flood is available at the store. This is an action story about a heretofore unsung hero from the era of the Toxaway Flood of 1916. This book is the retelling of a true story told me by my mother.

And, here is a photo of the two storage cages at Toxaway Falls Stand. Jack saw something like this in Frostproof, and nothing would do until he had one for himself. The flag is made of soft drink cans, painted on the bottom, stuck through the holes in the chain link. Yours truly did most of the flag, but a little girl did the lettering for “God Bless the USA.” She did a great job, don’t you think?

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