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From Little Panthertail Mountain:

PCard View of L.T.I looked up the lyrics of that wonderful African American folk song Go Tell It On The Mountain. Though no author was given I found the compiler was John Wesley Work, Jr. who died in 1925. Mr. Work was a collector of folk songs, and a professor of music, Latin, and history at Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee. Go Tell It On The Mountain is primarily a Christmas song as the first three verses, the ones we are familiar with, speak of the birth of Jesus.

Here are two more. These two verses comprised the Plantation Christmas Song.

     When I am a seeker…..I seek both night and day…..I ask the Lord to help me….And he shows me the way.

     He made me a watchman…..Upon the city wall…..And if I am a Christian…..I am the least of all.

I always loved Go Tell It On The Mountain; it’s lively and fun to sing, and what a strong imperative: Go! Tell it! Isn’t that what Jesus said?

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