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My husband and I met in February 2018, but not for the first time. We were school children together in Brevard, NC sixty some years ago.

Sixth grade, seventh, and eighth grades we happened to be assigned to the same class. That gave me three years to observe Jerry, and by the time I was thirteen my feminine intuition let me know that here was a special boy……He stole my heart……But I never told a living soul how I felt about Jerry…..After all, I was only thirteen……

And it wasn’t long until time and circumstances put us on separate paths and Jerry became a long ago memory filed away in the earliest pages of the book of my life.

The years and the miles came between us, but then it happened that both our spouses died in 2017. And after that something sweet and wonderful happened. Here are some pictures.

6th grade

7th grade

8th grade

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