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The lengths that love will go…..

The lengths that love will go

Are out of reach

Of arms and hands and fingers

Past the boundaries of flesh and humanness

Out of reason

Out of sight.

Only the heart can know

The lengths that love will go.





For Jack in 2009

You came to me late my love,

When shadows were falling

And time had slipped away

When the sun was setting

At the close of day

When summer had ended.

And youth had gone astray.


But there’s no rancor in my soul

For one moment that was lost.

You are worth all that you cost

And waiting

Was the price I paid

For gold.


For time has no meaning

When you love me with your eyes

And kiss me with your heart.

You are my sunrise;

You are my morning,

Dayspring of my life.

And I laid hold of eternity

When I became your wife.


So let the seasons turn

Let the moments fly


I have lived a lifetime

In your arms today.


With Love From God

Give me your dreams my child

Your faded, tattered plans

The hopes that you watched fall

To pieces in your hands.

Give me all you loved and lost

Your deepest longings


Give me the tears that flow


And unwilled.

Give me your hopes

Your hindrances

The fears that fence you in.

Give me the heavy burden

Of your sorrow

And your sin.

For I love you

And forgive you

As no other can.

If you will give it all to me.

I will lift you up.

I’ll set you free.





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